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Hello, I am in need of some formula help. In the below google doc, under the “cappers tab” you’ll see I have two names in column G and months in I:P.


What I am looking to do is pull the sum of the profit earned for each name for each respective month. The data I am trying to pull from can be found in the “bets” tab. 

The formula I need is the sum of column Z in the bets tab when column F in the bets tab equals G4 in the cappers tab and column A in the bets tab equals a day in May, June, July, etc…


thank you 

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More reliable way if you re-structure source data into structured table removing merged cells, after that PivotTable could do the job.

With current layout you may add helper column in Bets with month names (column W in attached) and when in cappers that could be like

    Bets!$G$11:$G$5000, $A3,
    Bets!$W$11:$W$5000, B$1

Please check in attached.