Sum of values defined by attribute

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I need to display the sum of individual numerical $ values which are defined by the attribute of payment frequency
* I have individual numerical $ values keyed into F column fields
* I have payment frequency attributes (annual, quarterly, monthly, fortnightly, weekly and daily) keyed into H column fields, in the row corresponding to the relevant numerical $ value
*I need a sum of the F column numerical $ values by identifying the individual numerical $ values based on their corresponding H column payment frequency attribute

The solution should provide a total sum of the numerical $ values for each payment frequency
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Hi @1a1nfr1end 


you can do this by using SUMIF-function.


Here is my example:



Of course, you could hardcode the criteria in the formula like this


But I propose to reference a cell which contains the criteria.


Just make sure the spelling of the criteria matches the spelling in the list. And that both ranges have the same size (in my example C2:C10 and B2:B10)


Depending on your local setttings, you might need to use , instead of ; in your formulas:




Awesome, thankyou that worked a treat, I did as you suggested and substituted the ; for a ,
Also hard coded the frequency attribute