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Sum function in excel

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I am adding columns and rows in a single spreadsheet.   Sometimes; when adding the sum of a series of a row--the total column will be $-   Ive tried deleting the $- and redoing but still get the same answer and then manually have to add all those columns across. When I add columns vertically with autosum-I don't have any issues.


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Your "word picture" is hard to follow, frankly. I suspect that may be why you've had no replies despite nearly 50 views.


Is it possible to post a copy of the spreadsheet in question, putting it on OneDrive or GoogleDrive with a link here that grants access?


If not, see if you can give a more complete and clear description. Maybe you could explain exactly why are you "deleting the $-" rather than just changing the format setting.

Vertical column E has the value of $356.07.  When I use the autosum function and highlight all cells… the total came up $ -

this at times happens when I try to autosum all cells horizontally for a total sum. When I have a column with no values; I just place a 0.00 value in one cell because when using the autosum function with no values, it will flash and have blinking dash lines around that column, and I don’t know what to do with that.