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Hi there. 

I have a problem with my excel. I am trying to sum hours. 

For example: 

I want to sum 18885:00 (hours) + 12:00 (hour and minutes) but it only show me 12:25. How can it be?  if I think it has to show me  18897:00

And if a write 9008:00 + 12:00 it can show the correct result "9020"

Please Help me!

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Sounds like one cell is formatted as a time format giving 12.25 while the other cell is formatted as a decimal?


If all cells are in elapsed time format ([hh]:mm), Excel shows result as expected


Another story is how you enter first hours - if that's result of some other calculations or entered as full date it shall be no problem. If you enter manually the maximum time value you can enter is 9999:99:99