Sum and Subtract multiple cells with blank values without having the #Value Error

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Hello folks! 

Once again I need your precious help. 

I have a sheet where I need to sum and subtract various amounts on the same row. It would be very simple if it weren't for the "#Value" Error. In fact ALL the values I need to calculate belong to cells where formulas are present and sometimes the result of the formula is a blank cell.

Let me explain better:


The simple calculation I need to do is E2 + I2 - L3.

Sometimes all Three cells have a value in them but some other times E2 is empty, or I2 is empty or E2 and L2 are empty, or I2 and L2 are empty.


Is there a way to calculate without having the #value error?


Thank you very Much

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Make the formulas return 0 instead of "".

Thanks Hans for your reply. Isn't there any other way as far as you know?

I'd prefer to keep the cells empty for various reasons (empty means a thing while 0 means another).
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=E2 + I2 - L3


=N(E2) + N(I2) - N(L3)