Subscripts and superscripts

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there are some letters characters can't found in symbols 

please, I need of all small and capital English letters in a subscripts and superscripts to added for the legend in Excel graph

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You can display any character using the UNICHAR() function. You only need to know the Unicode number of your character. Once you have created it, you can display it directly with copy and paste values.

Here are a few characters, maybe your character is already there.




Dear dscheikey,
Before everything
I would like to thank you for helping me
But I couldn't find the special characters (special small english letters) in the form subscript and superscripts, also, i can't find the Unicode number for these small letters, if you have Unicode number for these subscript small letter, please attached to me


Maybe this will help? 

Then Subscript "a" is Unicode 8336 and Superscript "a" is Unicode 7491

please give me an example especial letter (c, f, w, p) in form subscript


In Windows, click Start a and type Character Map, then press Enter.

Make sure that the Character Set is set to Unicode.

In the Search for box at the bottom, type subscript and press Enter or click Search.


Click on one of the subscript letters.

For example, subscript p is Unicode character 209A (hexadecimal).


You can select and copy the character, then paste into Excel.


Do the same, but now type superscript in the Search for box. You'll see far fewer characters.


thanks for all but these map characters not include all letter characters, only include (a, e, o, x, h, k, l. m, n, p, s. t, j) where's the other English characters


They are not available in the standard fonts available in Windows/Office. You'd need to install a specialized Unicode font to get them.

Do you have any information on how to create my own special Unicode font?


Sorry, no.

@Mohamed_Salama You can't create them by yourself actually.. There is Unicode consortium which decides what kind of symbol and fonts to create and include them in the database. All the symbols, fonts, emojis that you see online are provided by You may find other symbols at various sites like or lingojam for fancy text.