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Hi, I have what I believe to be a bug which I would like to report to microsoft.  All the information I find says to submit feedback through Help in the program.  Which brings me to my second problem.  When I click on help in excel I get a message "Sorry, something went wrong, please check your network connection and try again."  BTW I get this error consistently in excel but not in word or Outlook for example at the same time.   Therefore, it is not my network connection.  I have corrected this a few times by repairing the installation in the control panel.  However, I got tired of doing that so when I need help in excel, I just go and google my problem.  Google tells me to report through Help to submit a bug report.  You see the problem?  So, my question: is there a way to permanently correct the help error or alternatively is there a way to report a bug outside of help? 

Thank you 

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Select File > Feedback, then click Send a Frown.