Strange Dates Showing Up in Graph

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So recently I've been working on analytical data, but I've run into a strange problem during graphing. My data is organized by the date, so when I go to graph I try to graph with that. The problem is is that no matter what I do it puts the wrong dates into the axis. My data is from 1/16/1995-12/16/2014 but it puts the axis at 1/0/1900-10/26/1900. I've tried converting the numbers, tried messing with the number bit on the axis options, but nothing works. Please help.

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I need a sample excel file to help you

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As variant dates are not added as X axis, thus you have sequential numbers instead.


If you apply Date format to axis it'll be like


since dates are just numbers starting from 1 which is equal to Jan 01, 1900.

@Sergei Baklan I was hoping to not have to do that because other graphs I have have worked without doing the numbers, but I gave up and figured out the numbers for each date.