Stockhistory function is suddenly blocked

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I have been a subscriber of office 365 and regular user of stockhistory function in excel for past 3 years. Today , all of sudden, my excel shows me error that I need to  sign in with an account associated with a subscription to user these data types. Select "sign in " at the top of excel. I am very well signed in , and can see that my office 365 family subscription is still alive. What am I missing here?

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I have exactly same issue on two of my laptops just started today, but it works on my desktop. All have latest build of 365 however if I place the file on OneDrive and share link though email I can open file from email and stocks refresh works on my laptops. This appears to be some new office bug associated with networking but I cannot resolve it 


thanks @Jmnichols22 . That's some solace that it's a bug and would be fixed(hopefully) soon. I was worried with such sudden development and it's not easy to get support in matter regarding Windows.

Thanks for your prompt suggestions.


@amit1601I too have experienced this problem today. Would you happen to have the latest update when this will be resolved? I m so surprised about this issue cropping up on my valid paid subscription to Office 365.

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No update on how and when it will be resolved. But I've a work around that you can do - save the excel in one drive and then using the one drive URL of excel open it on a browser. It will work fine.

@amit1601, the same problem here. Stock prices are not updating anymore. The problem started in the morning of 10th of July. 

Thank you for the prompt answer Amit. So Onedrive need to be used as a temp workaround.
I am so reluctant to use onedrive or anything relating to the cloud. Not comfortable to save the content there. Maybe I have to wait.

Thanks @MikuSippy ! Using the browser for now. The problem started following the windows update I did on Sunday, 9th of July.

I am having an issue with doing Data Refresh for Stock updates and the reply is "not signed in" however, I am and my 365 subscription is paid up to 2024.  Would like notification how to resolve or if a Microsoft issue, then send RESOLVED when problem is corrected. @amit1601 

That gave me a clue on couple of things. Did an update as well, and then there was a prompt about the updating of NordVPN change of network. Let me check on this one.
NordVPN network adapter is not the issue.

Neither was the last update yesterday: June 13, 2023-KB5027538 Cumulative Update for .NET Framework 3.5, 4.8 and 4.8.1 for Windows 10 Version 22H2

So I am guessing there is something else. Not many people seem to report this kind of problem. How do we know that MS Support is aware of this problem, this need to be fixed urgently. Surely many other entities are also facing this problem.

I too have the same problem since 10th July 2023. STOCKHISTORY() shows #Blocked error message. I am a subscriber of MS Office 365 and I am always logged in while using Excel. Is there any alternate way to bring NSE Stock Historical Data into Excel in an automated way?

@Kmp8160  mentioed earlier in thread - save the excel in one drive and then using the one drive URL of excel open it on a browser. It will work fine.

This function have had a few problems lately. At one time for 4 days there no updates to the stock data as well as exchange rates from 11 Feb 23 to 15 Feb 23. There will be blank or NIL data.
Same here. In addition to stock history (showing "blocked"), the stock data are not updating either!! Tell me to log into an account associated with a subscription.
I've been working with STOCKHISTORY and the Stock Data Type since they were introduced. I was in the middle of putting together a Stock Portfolio yesterday putting together a complex start and end dates for STOCKHISTORY when I abruptly got the #BLOCKED! message. I was logged in, and checked my account. Everything is in order, but I found it interesting that my 365 subscription just renewed on the first of this month. What I wonder is how is this not fixed quickly. It's been well over 12 hours and no fix? It makes me suspect of their security!


I had the same issue - but the workaround (access onedrive via browser) seems to work - thanks!


This is a great work around unless your data sources are CSV files pulled in with Power Query! 🤪



Not everyone may want to store their files in OneDrive and that is a workaround. I prefer to keep my files in the local PC. Never liked to use OD though.

I'm having exactly the same issue. It works fine on Excel on my Macbook but it stopped working on my Windows machine on 10 July 2023. Nice to see that Apple is doing Windows better than Windows can...