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I've used the "Stocks" Data Feature in the past. This is missing from Excel on my new Surface. It still works on an old desktop I have but not on my new Surface. I would expect more features, not less! If I need a different version of Excel, how do I manage that from O365?


Does anyone know how to fix this? 

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What exactly is your version/channel on Surface, if you are on 365? It's in File -> Account


I think this is what you're asking, right?
Microsoft® Excel® for Microsoft 365 MSO (Version 2211 Build 16.0.15831.20098) 64-bit


I guess this build belongs to retail version of Office 2021. You may check on same page (File->Account) on the top under Product information. It says is that subscription product and which one; or product activated and which one.

If not subscription version is installed, Stocks is not available.

However, if you have 365 subscription and it allows to install Office on up to 5 devices, you may download and install subscription version of the Office instead of 2021. If subscription allows only one installation - no way, only to upgrade your subscription.

You may check your subscription options under your account information. Login to in any browser and shift on account information.

Thank you for your responses. The instance of O365 on my Surface appears to be the same Subscription as my Desktop. When I go into my Microsoft Account and go to Devices, both my Desktop and Surface are listed. Doesn't this mean they should have the same subscription and same features?

When I use the web enabled version of Excel, Stocks are available. When I use the Surface O365 version it is not. I'm still at a loss for how to enable Stocks on my Surface version.

Am I missing something?




@Sergei Baklan - What's also weird is that when I'm opening a file that uses the Stocks feature, the Refinitive 365 tab shows and then disappears as soon as I either put in my password or close the box ... as if it wants to allow it but then decides against it. If I open Excel as a new session, it's not there.