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Using the Stock History Function for currency rates and one in particular is not updating USD:NGN?

Can anyone assist?



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If the Stock History function is specifically not updating the USD:NGN (US Dollar to Nigerian Naira) currency rate, it's possible that the data provider does not have updated or accurate information for this currency pair. You may need to use a different data provider or source for currency exchange rates.


Verify Syntax, Double-check the syntax of the Stock History function to ensure that it is correctly referencing the currency pair (USDNGN) and the desired attributes (e.g., "Close" for the closing rate). The function should look something like this:

=STOCKHISTORY("USDNGN=X", "Close", "1/1/2022", "1/31/2022", 0)

Replace "1/1/2022" and "1/31/2022" with your desired start and end dates.


If the Stock History function continues to have issues, you may consider alternative solutions such as using a different data provider, manually entering currency exchange rates, or using a third-party add-in or plugin for currency conversion.


Ensure and check that you are using a version of Excel that supports the Stock History function. This function may not be available in older versions of Excel or in certain editions of Excel (e.g., Excel Online).  The text edited with the help of AI.



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@NikolinoDE Thank you. This does not resolve the issue, I believe the issue stems from the source data being refinitiv. Thanks