Stock and Geography Tab Missing from Data Tab

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I want to be able to use the stock ticker price lookup feature in Excel.  When I select data in a table, and click on Data, the Stocks and Geography tabs are not showing.  How do I add these to my toolbar?  I downloaded the latest version of Windows and restarted my computer but it still did not work.

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Windows version practically doesn't matter, you shall have Office 365, perhaps current channel will be safe enough.

@Sergei Baklan I have Microsoft 365 and excel is in latest version. But I still can't find anything like "Data Type" or "Stock". Capture.PNG


Could you please share your info as


in File->Account

@Sergei Baklan 


Mine is totally same as yours;




Lack of ideas. If you are not in government or DoD environment and not on Windows 7 it shall be.

You may try to play with ribbon customization if helps


@Sergei Baklan I've managed to add data types manually as below screenshot but it seems useless. It seems like there is a drop down menu when clicking, but nothing appears.

By the way, I'm not in government or DoD environment, I'm using my personal computer with my personal account.


I have the same issue, but have not seen a resolution in below chat; any thoughts or help?



@Griswold313 same here, doesn't work...

Same for me. The geo and stock part of the Data tab disappeared ? I can still access via office web version but not on my Mac.
Stock and Geography Tab disappeared on Excel on my Mac. I run office 365 E 3 version on mac Book Pro running Monterey 12.3.1. The tab appears on the web version (office on-line) but disappeared from the software version. My colleagues running the same subscription/version on PC do not have this issue. I did download and install office again with no luck. Thanks in advance for your help.
Also have the same issue - works on my Excel web version but not on my Mac Mini nor on my Windows machine. Is someone able to help?
I'm having the same issue!
Where did "Stocks" data type go??

I added Data Types back to the ribbon, but when I click the button, no drop-down menu appears.