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I am trying to do the following basic formula and keep getting spill error.  I am just trying to add the 3 columns and subtract them from the total.  I tried it by deleting the empty column and adding a new column after the total.  I dont understand why this is a spill error.  Please help!  Thank you!



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The result of the formula is 3 values. You have room for 2 numbers.  The 3rd value is trying to go in the cell that has 95 so the result is a Spill error.

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You formula returns an array like this


If you put formula in F2 there is not enough space to place such array, thus #SPILL! error. 


Perhaps you mean

=G2-SUM( B2:D3 )

@Sergei Baklan Thank you for your response!  I guess i need to learn more about arrays.