Sorting Staff into separate sections

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Working in Windows 10 Microsoft Office 365 Excel.

I have a Master list of Staff members who each work in different sections. I have sheets for the different sections in the same workbook. I would like to automatically add members from the Master sheet to the appropriate section sheet so that I can have a list of staff in each section. or vice versa. This can be referenced by specific text in a certain column. But I want the whole line of data copied to the corresponding sheet. I would mostly like to initially enter the data on the Master sheet, but would need to change the section of the staff member on an occasional basis. 


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It depends would you like to edit data after it was copied or not. If not you may use FILTER() function. Or Power Query. With Power Query, using some tricks,  you may also editable column, but if only you have unique ID in master sheet.

This is above my experience level, so these terms are way over my head. I guess I really need more training for Excel. Now I wonder which level would cover this?