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Hello. I have a spreadsheet which I use to keep track of payroll. Days/cells are different colors depending on whether the employee worked, was sick, requested time off, location was closed, etc. I'm looking for a way to summarize both the number of cells that are a certain color and sum the total hours in a certain color. How do I do this? Thanks!

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With your permission, if I may recommend you, please explain your plans in more detail.

Insert photos or the file (without sensitive data) and on the basis of these photos or file,

explain your problem step by step, so that a proposal for a solution can be submitted faster and more precisely.

Adding you, the Excel version (partially present) and the operating system would be an advantage in providing help.


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Thank you for your understanding and patience

@NikolinoDE Any pointers on how to upload a picture or file? I can't get it to work.