Sorting a pivot table in specified order. Not alphabetically or numerically.

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I do about 30 employee time cards every week, so the job #'s are constantly changing. We need this info to know how much to charge our customer per job that is done based off of the hours that our guy worked on that particular job. 

I need my pivot table (Column's H-J) to sort my job #'s (Column D) in a specified order. I tried using the custom list option but the issue that I am having is the job #'s change every time card that I do & every week. I have googled and search and nothing I have found seems to get me the results I am looking for. I'm pretty sure I am going to have to use a formula or coding for this, but I am stuck on how to go about doing this. 

I need my list in this order (reminder, that ALL numbers change, however the letters do not change):

1: 220000/230000 #'s - These are our road jobs and this is simply in numerical   order & next year we will start over with 240000.

2: Any job that starts with "SS", the issue I am having here is that "shop" which is further down the list, usually jumps to this spot.

3: Any job that starts with "R"

4: "F" #'s

5: "T" #'s

6: "FAB" #'s

7: "RC" #'s



10: SICK



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I have tried to make a custom list, but it does not sort in the order that I tell it to. Is there formula's or words such as 'contains' or 'exact' that I can add to the list to make sure it pulls the correct information? As stated above, when I made the custom list, where the 'SS' job's go, it was pulling the word 'SHOP'. And for 'R' jobs it was also pulling 'RC' jobs.


Maybe you are hitting one of the limits. Some are discussed here: