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Hi, i want to use Solver Add on my Excel doc but it doesn't work. My friend who has the same version ( given by our school) doesn't have any problem. Where does it come from?

I did the same thing on both computer but the result isn't the same.  Can you help me ?erreur_solver.PNG

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Solver is a third party add-in provided by Microsoft.  It needs to be enabled (in English Options / Add-ins / Manage Excel Add-ins / Go...) and then it should appear on the Data ribbon tab.

Yo hice eso y me parece que no existe el archivo


I remember in old versions of Excel, Solver had to be specifically selected when installing/repairing Excel from disk.  Perhaps @Sergei Baklan or some other might know more.

Go to Excel Options => Add-Ins and select "Manage" Excel Add-Ins below and press "Go". There you can see whether the Solver add-in is activated.
Deactivate solver add-in => restart Excel.
Macro button should work again and the solver add-in can be reactivated.
If it doesn't help, then go through the other links / answers again.

Or update Solver, an improved version of Frontline systems. For more information, go to the Frontline Systems website:

You could also remove and add solver again.

If all of this is not enough ... a last try

I would be happy to find out if I could help.

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