Slicers not appearing for Excel Online

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Hi all


I downloaded an Excel spreadsheet from a course I am taking online. I created a pivot table and chart as instructed by the instructor. The next step is to add slicers. I am not seeing the "analyze" or the "slicer" button anywhere. At one point, I think I did see the "slicer" action but it was greyed out.


Is this option even available on Excel online ? Where can I "add on" this feature. 


Thanks ! 

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Excel online has limited functionality, some commands are not available in this version.


Advanced time filtering (Timeline slicer) Not available Excel for the web

Application features

1 Cannot create PivotCharts, view only.

2 Depending on how your environment is configured, some kinds of data connections are supported for workbooks displayed in Excel for the web. For more information, see Refreshing data in a workbook in a browser window.

3 You cannot create or run macros with VBA in Excel for the web, but you can open and edit VBA-enabled spreadsheets without removing (or corrupting) the VBA contained in the file.

4 In Excel for the web, the last known reference value displays in the browser window; however, it must be updated using the Excel desktop app.

5 Some, but not all, Office add-ins are available.


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Interface for working with PivotTable in Excel Online is slightly different from desktop version.

If you stay on PivotTable, this tab on ribbon shall appear


as well as right pane. If you hover the mouse on the field in right pane it will show that drop-down menu exists, click on arrow down at the right and from here you may add slicer


In addition, if you click Settings icon under PivotTable on ribbon, another right pane appears where you could play with PivotTable settings



Please note so far you can't add slicer for the Table in Excel Online, only for the PivotTable. Most probably this icon for Table you see on ribbon as greyed out. Forget about it for now, it do nothing.