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I am having a problem with generating multiple worksheets based on the filter in a Pivot Table.using the same files (.xlsx) on two different machines with two different installation of Excel 2016, it works in one, but in the other machine , under Pivot Table-Analyze_Options the Show Report Filter Pages is greyed out .Help needed.

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Hi francesco,


Show Report Filter Pages is greyed if creating your Pivot Table you add your data to Data model.


Please check in File->Options->Advanced->Data the "Prefer the Excel Data Model..." is disabled. Or creating Pivot Table disable "Add this data to the Data Model" in Pivot Table creation window.


If you change above that won't affect already created Pivot Tables.

Hi Sergei, Am having same issue but looking into File->Options->Advanced->I don't see a Data section to be able to go to the "Prefer the Excel Data Model..." is disabled. Or creating Pivot Table disable "Add this data to the Data Model" in Pivot Table creation window


Now it's here



Yeah am still not sure if I am doing it right. I was able to find the location to check the box for Prefer the Excel Data Model when creating PivotTables, QueryTables and Data Connections. Currently I am trying to connect to two different sharepoint list and need to combine the information into one chart. I am looking at getting the number of requests per service. But I cant seem to get the two tables to merge properly within the data model. But this option seemed like the best option to be able to get each service in its own chart. Do you know any good videos on linking sharepoint lists to excel and creating pivot charts?.




I am also facing the same issue after clicking >option >Data> then uncheck the prefer the excel data model when creating Pivot Table.


But I am using Excel 2016.


Advise if u can.....


In settings is only default behaviour, you may always change the option creating the PivotTable



@SergeiBaklan The option is still not available for me. Is there another step I can try?





Do you have any filters applied to PivotTable?


Plus, even if setting is off, you have possibility to add data to data model on very first step of PivotTable creation. Just check you have no data in data model.


Thank for your explanations, I have the same problem and I followed all steps as you instruct, but still, the tab is greyed. Is there any way? 




Hi I'm also have the same issue, with Show report filter pages.


Data settings.jpg

I also have this issue and have followed all steps in this communication. What other steps can we take?

@cpignato Hi not certain if you solved this. Had problems with no names on tabs after using show filter reports..however i had not assigned my data as a table and after that it worked…