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I have an excel document in onedrive. I shared with my friend who has changed the document with me at the same time online one month ago. In the version history, I can see which cells were edited. How can I found out which cells were edited by me and which cells were edited by my friend? 

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In Excel's version history feature, you can view the changes made by different collaborators by comparing versions. Here is how you can find out which cells were edited by you and which cells were edited by your friend:

  1. Open Version History: Open your Excel document in OneDrive and navigate to the version history. This is typically found in the menu options related to sharing or reviewing, depending on the version of Excel you are using.
  2. Select Versions to Compare: In the version history pane, select the version of the document that you want to compare with the current version. This will typically display the changes made in that specific version.
  3. View Changes: Excel will highlight the cells that were edited between the selected version and the current version. The changes made by you and your friend should be visible in different colors or marked with different indicators.
  4. Analyze Edits: Review the highlighted cells to identify which changes were made by you and which changes were made by your friend. You can also look at the user names associated with each change to see who made the edits.
  5. Repeat as Needed: If you want to compare multiple versions or track changes over time, you can repeat this process by selecting different versions from the version history.

By comparing versions in the version history, you can track changes made by different collaborators and identify which cells were edited by each person, helping you understand the document's edit history more clearly. The text was created with the help of AI.


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