Sheet view in Excel (App) inconsistently working in protected sheets

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Good Morning,


I created a workbook and uploaded it to a TEAM for sharing purposes to keep track of a property development process.

I understand that Teams use the Excel web app.


The workbook has three sheets.

Each sheet has 255 rows

Each sheet have certain columns that are protected (to protect the formulas)

I created SHEET views on each worksheet to filter certain information.

The sheet views work in two of the three sheets.

In the third sheet, though I can CREATE a view, I cannot use the view.  When I select the view, it says "this sheet is protected. Some parts may be view-only, and can't be changed".

I know the sheet is protected.  So are the other two sheets.  However, I can use the views in the other two sheets.


Any insight would be appreciated.

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