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When I protect a worksheet that is shared with users over Office365, the custom view feature no longer works. The views previously created are still listed and can be selected, but a message appears saying "This sheet is protected" and the sheet view does not load. 

Is there a solution?

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To add to this, A new Temporary View can be created, but saved views can not be selected.

I am also finding this an annoyance.

No solution after 18 months?

Same issue here for some Temporary Views already created. 

I found a resolution that works for me. If I enable "Use AutoFilter" in the 'Protect Sheet' window that pops up when enabling sheet protection, it lets me use my previously created 'Sheet Views'.


I was wondering if there are any other solutions to this issue? As ticking 'Use Autofilter' does not fix my issue in Sharepoint.


I have a spreadsheet on Sharepoint that currently has 4 different custom views that different people use. I have the sheet protected as there are formulas that I don't want amending or deleting by users of the spreadsheet - in the protection settings 'Use Autofilter' is selected, along with 'Sort'.


In Sharepoint, users cannot access the custom sheet views when the document is protected (the same error message stated in the original post appears and it goes back to default view), as soon as you unprotect the document it allows you to select them.


In the Desktop App it allows users to use the custom sheet views both when the sheet is protected and when it isn't, which is strange!


Is there any way I can get it to work in Sharepoint as many of the people using the spreadsheet do tend to have it open in Sharepoint rather than the desktop app.


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Yep this is driving my team crazy, we just migrated from Google sheets, and this is making people ask if we need to go back.... please fix this