Sharing Excel workbooks with someone with a different version

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Hi, I want to allow an employee to edit my spreadsheets and mail them back and forth with me.  I have a PC, with Windows 7 and Excel 2007 and he has a PC, with Windows 10 and Excel for Windows 365.  He can edit the worksheet I send him, but he cant save it.


Any suggestions?



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@Scottisimo On MS365 myself. Opened your file noticing it had "Shared" added to the file name. Could edit and save it. No problem. Perhaps you should just email him the saved copy of your workbook without using the built-in Share option. I understood that the sharing function in the old days didn't always work properly. Not sure though.


By the way, your employee should not add any formulae with new functions that exclusively come with the latest versions as these will not work for you. Consider an upgrade, in stead. You're missing out quite a bit with such old software.