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Good evening,
I have this need: I have created an excel file on my pc (locally) and I would like to share it with some colleagues, so that they can all modify it at the same time; in this regard, I selected the "share" option and sent the link to access the file. So far so good because everyone can access the same file and modify it as required. However, if I close the file locally on my pc, the connection with the shared file is lost and when I reopen it and share it again, another copy of the same file is created in the cloud, creating a lot of inconvenience. Is it possible to keep the link between my local file and the shared file so that even if I open and close it, the connection is not lost?
Thanks so much

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Hi @SimPet87


if you store the file on local folder (outside of OneDrive) and click on the Share-button, only a copy of the file gets loaded to the cloud. And this leads to the issues that you are having now.


Instead, you need to store the file first on OneDrive (which could be also on a local folder that gets synced to the cloud) and only then share it. This way, everybody (including yourself) is working with the same file, and not just on a copy.

I would like to thank you from my heart for your availability and courtesy; I'm not very expert on this: what do you mean by "store the file first on OneDrive", maybe you mean that once created locally on my pc I can directly drag it to the folder on OneDrive?
The other option you suggested was to store the file in a local folder and then connect it to the cloud, could you tell me how I can do it?
Thanks again really

Hi @SimPet87 


sorry for my late reply. I guess that you are using OneDrive, otherwise it would not possible to share a file. So my assumption was, that you have something like this on your computer:



If my assumption is right, then you should store your Excel file somewhere within this OneDrive-folder and share it from that location.

And then you should also work with the file from this OneDrive folder that you have choosen. This way, it is the same file that the other user works with.


If you, for example, copy the file from a folder on the C: drive to OneDrive folder, but then continue to work with the file on the C: drive, the other user always just gets a copy of the original file. And you face the problems that you described.


I hope, it's a bit clearer now. Otherwise, just let me know.


Kind regards,



Hello, thank you very much for your availability; in fact I have the onedrive folder on my pc so have a good starting point :); I did not understand one thing, however, I created my file on my pc (C folder) and then moved it to the OneDrive folder; how can I now share it so that everyone modifies it at the same time? do i have to click on "share"? Could you show me the whole process? Thanks and sorry
I tried to modify the file that is in my onedrive folder and then check the change on onedrive web but it is not registered

Hi @SimPet87 


if the syncronization with OneDrive is activated, then it usually just takes a few seconds until you should see the changes in Excel for Web.

You can do a right-click on the OneDrive icon, that should appear in the message area on the right side of your Windows task bar, and check, if syncronization is maybe paused.


Generelly, you would share the file the same way is you already did: Just open it from the OneDrive folder in Excel and then click on "Share"


Hi @DTE ,

what appears in the message window is the following and I don't see the One Drive icon


... probably I have to activate the synchronization somehow?
In any case, if I understand correctly, the steps to take are these:
1_activate synchronization (maybe...)
2_create the excel file (also locally) and then move it to the OneDrive folder on my PCSimPet87_1-1641670842001.png
3_Open the file that is now in the Onedrive folder on my PC and click on "Share"
4_if everything works as it should, every modification I make on the file should also be visible to those who open it with excel web from the sharing link and vice versa right?

Thank you with all my heart


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Hi @SimPet87


yes, you summarized it correctly.

It seems, that the OneDrive app is currently not running on your computer. So first thing would be, to start the OneDrive app. As it seems that you can see already a OneDrive folder in the Windows explorer, you could do a right-click on the folder and adjust the settings, so OneDrive gets started automatically and the syncronization is activated.


After that, I cross fingers, you should be fine


Now everything works!!!!

I want to express my deep gratitude for your availability and your courtesy; in the forums of my country it is not easy to find people to help you with this empathy and availability. Have a good life
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Hi @SimPet87 ,


I'm glad to hear that I could help you!


All the best,