Shared Excel File for Individual Recording

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Hi, I have a shared Excel file (Mileage Claim Form) stored in SharePoint. Is there a way for individual employees to complete the form on a monthly basis but it remain individual to them - as in no one else can see their claim?

Currently, we are having to download the file & save to our own Onedrive, complete then email it.

I was hoping there was a more simple step as it is being stored in SharePoint

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You could setup a Form (check out Forms in the applications list in your 365 site) which has the items they need to fill out?

@Jan Karel Pieterse Hi, yes I've looked at this. However, the claim xlx has formulas contained in it and as of yet, I haven't worked out how to streamline the process of pulling together the responses form the forms and poplating them directly onto my excel sheet.. I know they can export to a new excel sheet :)