Share an Excel document online in browser WITHOUT logging in to view

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Good Morning,

Is there a way to share an Excel document online in a browser (read only) that doesnt require the recipient to log into Office365 to view it?

Everytime I share the link the recipient is prompted to log into O365 to view the file but they do not have an Office account.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!


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Share a document with no sign-in necessary

When you want someone to contribute to your sign-up sheet or school project, share a link to the document in your OneDrive. When you choose Get a link and set the permission to Edit, anyone who gets the link can edit the doc without having to sign in. will find more information in the upper link.



Thanks for your message - I had seen this article before however the options in the article are not the same as I have. 


When I click on "Share" I do not have an option to "Get a Link" instead I have the below..




Nowhere do I have the option to "Get a Link" or "Show in browser" 

Many thanks

I am using below service if you have a direct url to download xlsx file.