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Hello community!

I hope I can get some help with this problem.

I have an excel sheet filled with candidate information (for example one piece of info per cell: first name, last name, email address, language, results). The sheet has about 20 candidates and some people have 2 lines if they took 2 different tests. 
I would need to find a way to separate all the data by first name and last name into different tabs so they can be sent to each person individually without having to cut and paste each line. Is this possible ?

Thanks for any help!

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The "user-friendliest" way to do this might be to use the combination of Excel and Word known as MailMerge. You do it from within Word, going to "Mailings" on the top tool bar menu and selecting Excel as your data source, identifying the specific file and sheet, and then writing your document, with using insertion points to place the various data elements. That would be a far nicer presentation than just sending folks the Excel worksheet, even if it is "personalized" 


Someone who has two rows of data in Excel would simply get two documents.




Yes like this ! Thank you for this information
Thank you for this ! I hadn’t thought of the mail merge option . I will definitely try it out