Selecting frozen cell selects entire column between frozen cell and original selection location

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Hi all,


Basically what is happening is when my headers are frozen in a sheet (nearly every report/sheet I have), when I go to select the header, it ends up selecting all of the cells between the header and 2 cells below the frozen header line indicator. For example, let's say I'm in cell B108 and trying to select cell B5 (frozen header). When I click on B5, I end up selecting B5:B98 (usually 2 rows below the frozen line, which if i'm scrolled down, can be any number). Every time I select a frozen header line from further down the sheet, it will select the range from the header to 2 rows below the frozen line indicator. Please see the pictures below:


Selected B108:



Selected B5 (frozen header):


As you can see, it selected B5:B94, rather than simply B5. Additionally, if I continue to click on B5 after this, it simply scrolls up, as if I'm holding shift and the up arrow key:




Please let me know what I can do to fix this, as I use Excel all day every day for my job and this makes creating some reports very tedious and inefficient. 




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