Select a single column 'crossing' a merged cell

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Hi all,

I need to select a single column that "crosses" a merged cell to insert a new column across the merged cell (usually the merged cell will extend).

The action I have just described is a normal action for excel, but since 2 weeks ago is not for me and I can't find a solution. For example, when I try to select the whole column "B" in the excel file in attachment called "example.xlsx", the columns from "A" to "H" are automatically selected.

All the other collegues in my office can do that on the same excel files (with their computer).

Someone can help me?




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If you select a range of cells in column B, the selection will extend to columns A:H when you include B1 in the selection.

Clicking or right-clicking on the column letter B should select only column B, though.


Unfortunately not, if I select column B clicking on the column letter B the columns A:H are automatically selected.
I also checked if I had accidentally activated a particular function but even in the advanced options I couldn't find anything about it.
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Similar issue was discussed here Excel selects multiple columns/rows if a cell is merged - Microsoft Community

In that case Logitech Options Add-In was the root of the problem. Try Excel in safe mode if you may reproduce an issue.

@Sergei Baklan 

You're right, I disabled the add-in and now excel works properly.

Thank you very much, have a nice day.


@federico_rampa , great to know it woks now, thank you for the feedback. Have a nice day too.