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I wanna use nested IF(AND(SERACH formula to find the first letter on the left in B:B column based on the statues on C:C column and return the product name (SONY and VOLVO) in Condition 1 column if it's sell and condition 2 column if it's buy



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You can try this nested IF formula.

nested if.JPG 

Thank you very much it worked perfectly



try this



2023-03-27 23_00_04-Window.png


I got zero values
I tested the formula it returned the values I needed, but for the blank cells I need to enter data manually I got an errors while I fill the cells is there anyway that the formula doesn't affect the blank cells?


I'm not sure what the problem with the blank cells is. In the attached file is an example with a dynamic table and a formula for buy and a formula for sell and they seem to return the intended result. With 2 formulas we don't need ISEVEN(COLUMN()) and ISODD(COLUMN()) anymore because these formulas aren't copied across columns D and E.


The solution by @Hecatonchire works as expected in my sheet in columns G and H.

nested if dynamic table.JPG