Scrolling in Excel using mouse wheel is not working properly.

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I've got Mouse setting set up to scroll 6 rows/lines when I rotate the mouse wheel, because we have a spreadsheet that is set-up in blocks of 6 rows. Until recently, no issues. 


I'm guessing we've had a recent update to Windows, as now a single movement of the wheel scrolls down 5⅔ rows (or 3 wheel clicks gives 17 scrolled rows)! Any idea how this could be fixed?


It's not a life changing issue except that my sense of what looks good is offended.


Any ideas as to what could be causing this?




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I'm having the same issue and have tried multiple setting changes in both Windows and Excel with no success. I want to scroll down in my excel spreadsheet 3 (Exact) rows at a time (I use a spreadsheet with 24 hour days of the month), but it gives me a little less than that resulting in me not coming to a stop at hour 24. I have been working with this spreadsheet for many years, so this is irritating that it doesn't scroll correctly any more. Did anyone ever get with you for a fix or have you figured it out? I've been dealing with this for a while now.


I've noticed that if I scroll on my other spreadsheets, it scrolls properly at 3 rows exactly per one movement of the mouse wheel. I'm not sure what is making this spreadsheet different than the others. I use this one every day though and it's big with multiple tabs. On all my spreadsheets, I freeze the top portion so that I can see all the headers which are typically multiple rows.


Thanks Mike