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Usually (on my personal macbook laptop) if I have two excel spreadsheets open, I can scroll between either as long as my mouse is on the spreadsheet. 
At work, on my Asus computer, if I have two excel spreadsheets, I have to click on that spreadsheet to scroll. 

For example, say I am doing some data entry and using info from one spreadsheet to put into another - I want to be able to type in one spreadsheet, while scrolling up and down the other to find the information I need. I do not want to have to click on one spreadsheet to scroll, only to then click back into the other to type, if that makes sense. 
Is there a way that I can change/fix this? 
(Note, both excels are on the desktop, not for web)

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Assuming that the Asus computer has Windows 10 or Windows 11:

Select Start > Settings.

Type Mouse into the search box, then select Mouse Settings.

Make sure that the slider 'Scroll inactive windows when hovering over them' is set to On.



Hi Hans, thanks so much for your reply.
I followed these steps and it looks as though this was already set to On on my device.
I would like to add that if I have Google Chrome on one screen, and excel in another, and I am typing in Google Chrome, it will allow me to scroll in Excel without clicking (and vice versa - if I am typing in Excel it will allow me to scroll in Chrome without clicking)....even other applications such as Outlook desktop, etc. The only instance where I find it will not allow me to do this is when I have two Excel spreadsheets open (one on each screen) and then it will not allow me to scroll without clicking.
Hopefully you can still help me, thanks


I see that too for two Excel workbooks. It turns out Microsoft is already aware of the problem, but please report it from within Excel: Help > Feedback > Report a problem. If many users report it, they have more incentive to do something about it.