Scroll Bar not showing arrows

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I noticed something new and can't seem to fix it.  I've added a scroll bar (form control, NOT Active X).  For some strange reason the little arrows that are usually part of a scroll bar are not visible.  Is this new or is there a way to get them to show?  I've tried widening and resizing the scroll bar but nothing works.  The scroll itself works fine, but visually it's missing the arrows (if that makes sense?)scroll bar.jpg



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The arrows become visible if you hold down the mouse pointer near one of the ends of the scroll bar.


A rather counter-intuitive "innovation" if you ask me.

I noticed that afterward, but I guess Microsoft has gone "backwards" with progress on this one. You are correct, that is not intuitive for a regular user (who I'm building this for). I suppose I can mess around with layering a graphic on top that imitates the missing arrows... I'll play with it. Thanks.
It looks more like a bug!


The Germans have a nice word for this: Verschlimmbesserung: an improvement that makes things worse.