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When ever save my workbook it saves a new one instead of replaces and up date the old one.

how can i stop that from happing

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If Excel is creating a new workbook every time you save instead of overwriting the existing one, it might be due to the way Excel handles file saving settings. Here's what you can do to ensure Excel overwrites the existing file when you save:

  1. Check File Save Location: Make sure you are saving the file in the correct location. Sometimes, Excel may default to a different folder, leading to the creation of a new file.
  2. Check File Name: Ensure that the file name you are using for saving the workbook matches the existing file name. If you change the file name when saving, Excel will create a new file instead of overwriting the old one.
  3. Check Save Options: When you click on "Save" or press Ctrl + S, Excel may offer options such as "Save As" or "Save a Copy". Make sure you are selecting the option to simply "Save" or "Save Changes" to overwrite the existing file.
  4. File Properties: Check if the original file has any properties set that might be causing Excel to create a new file when saving. Right-click on the file, select "Properties", and ensure there are no attributes set that prevent overwriting.
  5. File Format: Ensure that you are saving the file in the same format as the original file. For example, if the original file is in .xlsx format, make sure you are saving it as .xlsx and not as a different format like .xls.

If none of the above steps solve the issue, there might be a more technical problem with your Excel installation or system settings. Or you provide more information about your issue,

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