Same value in all data table cells'
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Thanks for setting it up. I need to calculate a few different columns so I copied the table and tried using a different formula. Why did my table put the same value in all cells while yours (the 10 year sum) worked? I picked the E18 for the row input and E19 for the column input.  Note, I also tried to replicate yours on the DS Comparison page and it didn't work either. 


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My input cells are linked to your model while the copy you made are not




@Wyn Hopkins 

Got it! I fixed that and it is almost working completely. Yay! However, two lines are calculating the same but no others. Any ideas on how to fix it?

I changed the number in the table and it started working. I am not sure why it wasn't working before but now I have it figured out. Thank you so much for your help. This knowledge will save me hours of work. Now onto the next challenge!



Make sure your calculation is set to Automatic and not Automatic Except for Data Tables



Glad to help