Running total PIVOT line chart continuing after no data

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Sorry if this has already been posted, I've been looking all over for a solution. 


I have a set of financial data; prior year and YTD.  I am using a running total for the YTD, but it continues on the line chart after there is no data and just shows a straight line.  I am using it for an interactive summary. 


Is there a way to stop showing the line when there is no additional data to show? 


Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

Screenshot 2022-01-09 220758.png



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@Ste191194 You need to alter the running total formula to return NA() when the current month is empty. That will return #N/A in the data series which will be ignored by the chart.


Edit: Perhaps a running total formula like below is more elegant than the one shown in the picture.