Row height issue

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I don't recall changing any settings to cause this issue:


After editing a cell in Excel and pressing Enter to move on to the next cell, the row height of that cell suddenly expands and becomes so massive that it doesn't even fit on to my screen. Then I have to zoom out, manually resize the row height. As soon as I edit any cell, this happens.


Yesterday, I worked on a spreadsheet and this didn't happen. When I saved and closed it, everything was fine. Today when I open this spreadsheet, suddenly all the rows in the document have exploded.


Help... this has been happening on and off for a week. I'm desperate.

Thank you

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Change the column width and row height

You can change the language by pressing the globe or national language at the bottom left of the page.


If the problem has not been solved with this possible setting, it is possible that the file contains VBA code.
But in order to be able to tell you more precisely, you would need the file (without sensitive data).


I would be happy to know if I could help.



I know I don't know anything (Socrates)




Thank you for trying to assist. I have tried the option of autofitting the row heights, and it does not change anything, which I don't understand.


There should not be any VBA code in the file, I created it and it is a simple file.


I'm not sure if there is sensitive information that I must delete except data is contained in the cells themselves. I am attaching the file for you to look at. It is the last sheet in the document that I have been trying to work on.


Thank you again.


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@MBotha2020 You have a hidden column B, 8 pixels wide with rather long texts in the cells. Delete its content (if not needed) and rows can be set to auto-height again.

Screenshot 2020-09-22 at 11.09.01.png



Thank you very much, this has indeed solved my problem. I did not really want to delete these columns but I was desperate enough to do it to solve the problem. What puzzles me is that it seems to me that these texts were not nearly long enough to justify the sizes of the rows. But I have to be wrong in this, because as we see deleting the columns solved the problem. 


Thank you for taking the time to help me with such a basic issue that really had me feeling despondent.


Much appreciated!  

@MBotha2020 You are most welcome!