Ribbon button disspapeared

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Since a few days my Formula Labs ribbon button has disappeared, I can still open it through home > Addins > excel labs but would love to get the button back. 


I moved it to the Formula tab through options > customize the ribbon but now it seems to have disappeared from there. 


Tried un- and re-installing it but no cigar. Is there any way to reset it and get the button back? 

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I guess you mean Excel Labs. Afraid you can't change default location in Home tab.

Have done successfully in the past through 'customize the ribbon' to move it to Formula tab.
Now it's gone tho, none of the other tabs have the button and I can;t seem to get it back..


From time to time this icon disappears from the ribbon even if don't touch it. At least in my environment. That's few seconds job to return it back, not a big issue. 

Great, so how do I do that?
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If you mean to return back on ribbon (Home section) in my case that's two clicks


Yeah did that, already, button was a bit more conventient..