Reversing the x-axis on a Combo chart (2 different y-axes) only flips the values for one of the two?

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I will attach three images. The first is this combo chart, but as you can see, the months are in reverse chronological order. 


2017-07-28 15_39_41-Book1 - Microsoft Excel.png


However, attempting to flip all data by selecting the "Categories in reverse order" button in the formatting of the x-axis only flips one of the two datasets, and not both:


2017-07-28 15_39_53-Book1 - Microsoft Excel.png


I'm not quite sure what I'm doing wrong, here. Googling hasn't helped me.

My dataset in question:


2017-07-28 15_43_09-Book1 - Microsoft Excel.png

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Hi Robin,


On your initial graph after you added secondary vertical axis add secondary horizontal axis, it will repeat the primary one and will be on the top of the graph. After that select primary horizontal axis, reverse it. Next select secondary horizontal axis, reverse as well. Select secondary horizontal axis and delete it.



I have a simple scatter chart with reversed x-axis values. I want to move the y-axis from the right of the chart to left. Is that possible?


Under 'Vertical axis crosses', select 'Maximum axis value'.


Thank you for prompt response. This will keep the y-axis on the right side of the chart. I want the y-axis to move to the left.


Do you use a right-to-left language such as Arabic?