Returning FALSE when adding up a series of cells in which one of the cells has a false

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I am trying to do something fairly simple. I want to add a number of cells that have numbers in them but if one of the cells has a false in it then I want a FALSE returned. In other words I don't want Excel to add the other numbers and ignore the word false in one of the cells.

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For that sample, if that's sum (on the left)




if running total (on the right)


I assume there is no TRUE, it'll be the same trigger

@Sergei Baklan 

Thank you. From your example, if all cells from B2 to B8 are numbers then I would like the sum of those numbers displayed. If there is a FALSE in anyone of the cells from B2 to B8 then I would like the word FALSE displayed. I don't know if your formula encapsulates what I need, partly because the cells that I would like to reference are not consecutive, i.e. A47+A87+A93+A99+A105+A111.



When like


Sheet2 attached


That worked! Thank you much Sergei, by the way is there a way to incorporate ISLOGICAL into an IF, AND formula? For instance if A42="a" and a series of cells are logical then out-put the addition or multiplication of a series of cells? I am guessing here but something like this: IF(AND(A42="a", ISLOGICAL(A56)*ISLOGICAL(A62)*ISLOGICAL(A70),FALSE,A56*A62*A70)


@Sergei Baklan 


With this formula


you have FALSE if A42 is "a" and each of the cells is TRUE or FALSE. If you have at least one numeric equivalent of TRUE or FALSE  in these cells (i.e. non-zero number or zero) formula returns 0 instead of FALSE.