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Hello everyone,
I have sheet contains the correct name and number of clients, another sheet contains clients names only but names are not 100% matches with 1st sheet. I need to return client number from 1st sheet and listed in 2nd sheet based on matching names between two sheets.
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If names are not matched that is mix of automatic work (any lookup function) and manual corrections where lookup found nothing.

Alternatively Fuzzy Match in Power Query (or perhaps add-in) could be used, but with it also no warranty everything will be found.

Thanks @Sergei Baklan , any way to match two text based on two or more identical words in both texts, for example, I like drinking coffee, and 2nd text I'm drinking coffee every night, the matching here based on two identical words drinking & coffee, and so o


Not sure. Without predefined words we need to split each text on array of words; exclude from it "a", "the", "and", etc.; exclude characters like "," and "!"; compare lookup array with lookup array of arrays; find row with two or more matches; based on its position return some value.


If possible that's not easy task.

Thanks @Sergei Baklan, appreciated your reply.