Return Multiple Match Results

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I'm trying to return multiple matches in the Calcs tab from the Data tab. Office 365.
I've followed this tutorial Return Multiple Match Results in Excel (2 methods) - YouTube 
But I don't think I've got it quite right.

It's returning names that aren't classed as status open.

Formula used: =IF(ROWS($H$2:H2)<=$H$1,INDEX(Data!B:B,AGGREGATE(15,3,(Data!$E:$E=Calcs!$E$1)/(Data!$E:$E=Calcs!$E$1)*(ROW(Data!$E:$E)-ROW(Data!$E$1)),ROWS($H$2:H2))),"")


Data tab

xLast NameFirst NamexStatus
 SegerBob Open
 DylanBob Open
 CashJohnny Open
 IverBon Closed
 AnthonyOliver Closed
 BryanZach Open


Calcs tab desired

Cell E1 is text: Open

Cell H1 is count of total open: 4

StatusLast NameFirst Name


Please advise. 

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@Adam08780 If you are on Microsoft-365 then could use FILTER() function.





It returns #CALC!
I would also rather have it by single column instead of multiple e.g., B2:C7
Please advise
Also tried
Which returns blank cell
Managed to get it to work with . =FILTER(Data!B:B,Data!$E:$E=Calcs!$G$2,"")