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Hi! I am compiling an equipment list for our communications department comprising of communications equipment such as cameras, microphones etc... that they loan out to other departments. In the list, there is a column for return date and next to that, a column for who has processed the return (return_received_by). 

I would like to write a formula to go in the "return date" column, so that if the return date is passed and no data is written in the "return_received_by" column, then the information in the "return date" column turns to bold red. How do I write the formula?

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Hi @Paul_Noble 

I would suggest doing the flag calculation in a helper column like E and possibly having C turn into 'Bad' colors when not returned in time.





 Then you could quite easy, with Excel 365, add H2 to result in rows over due.



Thank-you very much @bosinander (and thank-you for the Swedish version of the code). Let me take a look and see if I can work in your solution and I hope it is ok if I revet to you if I have follow-up questions?
You're welcome, also to come back with follow up questions.
And yes, by attaching an example file Excel will automatically convert to your local setup when opened. The screen shot though is as you noted with swedish settings :)