[RESOLVED] PowerQuery Replace Null's with Filled Value from Rows with the same identifier

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[Riny helped me resolve this, thanks all!]

Hey all, 

Been attempting for a few hours to execute something that seems so simple, but is giving me a lot of trouble.

Here's a shot of the dataset I'm working with in powerquery:



Essentially, I'd like to combine the rows that have the same identifier (all identifiers have all 6 rows), where all columns carry over the one filled value of their identifier. The set is about 2500 rows, so the simpler the better... ChatGPT is little help on this one. Any ideas?

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@OwenMemArts Check if the empty cells that are shown in columns C to G contain nulls in PQ. If not, select the corresponding columns in PQ and replace 'nothing' with 'null'. Then select these columns again, right-click and and Fill Up. Filter out blanks from the 2nd column and I believe you have what you need, If not, please clarify how the end result should look like.

This worked! Thank you so much, especially for the quick response.
Have a great day Riny!