Repeat row formulas upon user pressing enter

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Need help. 

- In the first photo, we enter the items & amounts in columns A-C.  Column D is locked and is a sum formula of B & C.

- When the user presses "enter" to go to A12, we would like to have the formula repeated in column D.

- We know we could pre-copy D11, but are not wanting a bunch of "$0.00" showing if there are no items listed in column A (see second photo).  




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Repeat row formulas upon user pressing enter 

What about Repeat row formulas upon user pressing Tab (instead of Enter), acceptable?

Won't pressing tab go to the next column? We need the user to input item Name in A, amount in B, Cost in C. D will tally with the formula. When the user hits "enter or return" after entering the cost in C to go to the next row, the formula in D will automatically repeat for that row. We are trying to not have a bunch of "$0.00" shown in unused rows (see original photo with the red X).