Repeat data based on number of days

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Hi, I have large data that has to be repeated based on the difference between start date and end date.


For example: I have a set of data already, I want to replicate the same data below for 60 times in each column below (considering start date as March 1st, 2022 and end date April 1,2022)


I really appreciate your help. 







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Create two custom lists: 1 for Emp ID and 1 for Name. This will allow you to drag the fill handle to fill out the items in a pattern. For the dates, select all dates in Start column and drag down as far as needed (Opt for 'Copy Cells'). Do the same for End date column.


Custom lists:
Create or delete a custom list for sorting and filling data (

Thanks Patrick for responding, I am right now copying manually the data that is required. However, I have a 700 rows of data, which I have to replicate 120 times, if I am creating last three months data. Hence, it becomes tough for me to do that every time when I have an Ad hoc work. If I have a formula or VBA to repeat a set of rows, it would be helpful.