Removing Days from dd:hh:mm:ss Fields

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A report provided by one of our suppliers gives us times in dd:hh:mm:ss format. When I try to add these together, Excel will only do it if i remove the dd part and convert the format to hh:mm:ss. 

Is there an easy way of removing the dd part across multiple cells? Up until now I have been manually going in and deleting it which isn't manageable.

I have attempted just formatting the field/s in question but nothing happens.

Thanks in advance

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Can you give an example of your data?

If you'd like to show only time part, it's enough to remove dd: part in format.

If you'd like to sum all times ignoring the date part you may use the formula like


applying [hh]:mm:ss format to the result




Here is the data as it is delivered to me. The only way I can get the times to add up is to manually go in and remove the initial 00: '


Even using the other persons suggestion below did not work until i removed these zeros

Thank you Sergei,


I have given this a try however it only worked when I removed the initial 00: manually again.


I have attached a pic of the data as it is delivered to me on a seperate response to see if that helps with any solutions

It looks like you have texts in form of time. When you may use



Yes it seems that way. Thanks Sergei

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