Removing an empty drop down menu

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I need help removing an empty drop down menu. 


I added some cells to my spreadsheet after placing a drop down menu in a cell.  Now the cell where the drop down was still shows an arrow beside it for a drop down, but there are no items listed.  I want to get rid of the drop down arrow beside the original cell that now no longer has a drop down.


I did go through the Data tab > Data Validation and clicked on the "Clear All" button.   However the arrow still appears beside the cell.  How can I get rid of it?



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Clear All shall work if you stay on cell(s) with data validation. Perhaps you may provide small sample file?

@SergeiBaklan ,


I did try that.  I've attached a sample file.  The cell in question is I-52.


That's not a data validation, this is Combo Box control


Just select column J and Del


That worked. Thanks!

@Chris_Maloney , you are welcome