Remove extra rows and columns from Excel

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Hello there...

I wanna remove all blank/unused rows and columns, leaving only rows with data.


There is a sheet in my Google Drive that i can easily do this but i do not know how to do it in excel.

Image below to make the understanding of what i need better:


Thanks everyone!


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You cannot really remove unused rows and columns, but you can select them and then hide them.


Check these out, might be helpful!


BTW @microsoft why is this so difficult? It is obvious this is an issue, its been an issue for years. I have lost so many excel books due to corruption and crashes for exactly this reason. And its hard to tell me its any other reason considering every time I manage to get rid of the excess I have no problems. The question comes up often in google when you search it as well. And not every solution works the same way either, which makes this more painful. Excel seems to like to automatically do all kinds of stuff without me asking, why can this not be fixed? This is a big miss on the devs part.


Depends on your subscription


after couple of clicks