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I was handed an Excel worksheet that has three checkboxes that I wish to remove but cannot seem to remove them.  Excel Help says to right click the Box and then hit Delete.  There is no Delete in the ensuing dropdown menu and Delete on the keyboard does not work.  


Any suggestions?

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If the check boxes have a right-click menu:

  • Right-click a check box.
  • Press Esc to dismiss the right-click menu.
  • Press Delete.

If they don't have a right-click menu:

  • Activate the Developer tab of the ribbon (if you don't have a Developer tab, you can make it visible in File > Options > Customize Ribbon).
  • Click to turn on 'Design Mode'.
  • Click on a check box, then press Delete.
  • Don't forget to turn off 'Design Mode' when you're done.

@Hans Vogelaar 

do you know how to move an entire column of check boxes?


If they are ActiveX check boxes, turn on Design Mode in the Controls group of the Developer tab of the ribbon.

Regardless of the type, click Find & Select > Select Objects in the Editing group of the Home tab of the ribbon.

Select the check boxes that you want to move by dragging a rectangle around them.

Use the left/right/up/down arrow keys to move all selected controls.

Don't forget to turn off Select Objects (and if applicable, Design Mode) when you're done.

@Hans Vogelaar I have tried the delete key to no avail. I went to customize ribbon but there is NOT a developer tab to activate. NOW WHAT? I have tried deleting the cell and tried deleting the row and that does not work either.




What platform are you on (Windows, Mac, Linux, ...)?
Which version of Office do you have?